Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of food grains in India and accounted for about 17.83 per cent share in the country’s total food grain output in 2016-17. Food grain production in the state in 2016-17 stood at 49,144.6 thousand tonnes. Major food grains produced in the state include rice, wheat, maize, millet (bajra), gram, pea and lentils. In 2016-17, Uttar Pradesh is recognised as a major milk-producing state in the country.

Government of Uttar Pradesh has taken several initiatives for promoting investment in Agriculture sector, these are:

  • Constitute a high-power committee on Public Private partnership (PPP) modal.
  • Special focus on doubling farmers’ incomes through technology dissemination and training and capacity building of small and marginal farmers under ATMA & MIDH Schemes.
  • Loan and credit facility to farmers through Bankers.
  • State wise campaign on Financial inclusion through Bankers and extend agriculture lending facilities and services for developing agri-horti entrepreneurships.
  • Separate Sectoral identification of agricultural produce and animal husbandry resources.
  • Financial support and provisions of linkages like raw material, storages, transportation and warehousing for agri commodity.
  • Special facilities for export of agro and dairy based products, farm mechanization and processed food.
  • Special policies for promoting agribusiness, poultry and dairy sectors.
  • Special schemes for promoting agro and food industries through AEZ and food parks etc.